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YouTube Videos?

Not all of our videos are visible on YouTube-- we can help you with your access strategy.


Sometimes videos are for restricted viewers. For example, we have video available for the friends and family of Robert Lloyd from his Memorial Service. We can send that link to authorized people and only then can they view it.


This is an appropriate way for certain kinds of marketing and sales training.


Due to the volume of videos we have online, YouTube has removed our time restrictions.


TV Commercials

We now do more online, corporate, and demonstration videos than TV commercials. If you are interested in a TV commercial, let us help you target your market and deliver your message.


Corporate Videos

We have a great example of the launch of The National School Of Entrepreneurship.

Check it out:


Instead of business cards-- hand out discs

We can make up a better way to get your message across by video. Discs come in all sizes-- the smaller the less amount of video time can be stored. But, what a great way to share who you are, where you are, why it is good to do business with you, and how you will treat a customer. We can make these as separate chapters that viewers can choose on screen.


Don't tell a potential customer how good you are... let your own satisfied customers say it for you.

We all suspect people who brag on themselves. Let us create video testimonials so your own customers will help you make your sales.


Online Video Works 24/7 For You

Let us help with your keywords so customers will find you online.



Adobe CS6

demoBestInOregon.Com is now training with and using CS6. So many video shops use Apple software and their work all starts to look the same. We use Adobe for the same reason major film studios use it-- because of the ability to customize with plug ins and accessories. Also, Adobe products work well together so we can use a laptop for our ingesting video with Adobe Prelude, creating effects on another computer with Adobe After Effects, then use Adobe Audition for sound track composition, and render the final product in Adobe Premiere Pro with built in accelerators for our high end graphics cards. 


New Equipment

demoBestInOregon.Com continually updates equipment. Currently, we updated our lighting equipment to include (2) new Lowel spot lights with snood & barn doors, (1) new softbox with baffles, (1) new 42" reflector and stand for a fill light, (2) 1,000 watt dimmers, and kicker lights.



Large File Transfers

demoBestInOregon.Com has its own equipment for transferring large files easily and securely. Customers can download their high definition draft videos and provide immediate feedback.







 Experience BestInOregon.Com Services...

although we admit that we are not
        for everyone.                                            

 Some don't get the internet...                    
 Some don't get that the way we do
       business has forever changed...

 Some don't get that there is more
       credibility in what our neighbors
       provide than what big business
       has ever done for us...

 Some don't get that we need to
       promote those around us instead of
       rewarding those who have nothing
       to lose in our communities...

 Some think the safest thing to do is

BUT-- Doing Nothing Provides The Greatest Opportunity--



What Yellow Page advertising was to the 1980s, what brochures and printed sales material was to the 1990s, what static web pages were to 2005, is what our video based advertising and services will be standard by the year 2015. Do you want to lead now or follow years from now? BestInOregon.Com is here to help the leaders.




The mission of BestInOregon.Com: To deliver to small and independent
businesses an integrated marketing service providing high quality market
targeted video advertising and social networking. BestInOregon.Com is a
unique marketing service
promoting video media across the internet, local
cinemas, TV commercials and creates supportive print materials.
BestInOregon.Com can provide complete marketing plans.




 On December 22, 1845 the Provisional Legislature of Oregon separated Polk County
 out of the Yamhill District and chose the town of Cynthian (later renamed Dallas)
 as the regional capital. But, before it was defined as a geo-political area, there
 were people living here. Our county ancestors were Native Americans and/or they
 were the tough and determined pioneers who made it to the end of the Oregon
 Trail and even went further. They were independent, self-reliant, hard working,
 and  entrepreneurial. The only thing they asked for was a chance. That's the spirit
 of we have inherited as well.

 Regardless of our ethnicity, these are the people who have defined our culture,
 taught us how to contribute to our own economy, and developed our educational
 resources. Whether the issues are managing natural resources or developing
 economic stability, today we address these issues through the traditions and values
 left us by those who before us so diligently developed our community.

 BestInOregon.Com derives from
 that same independent spirit by
 using media to give voice to your
 message and to support new
 leaders as they too choose to step
 up and help define what it means
 to thrive in Polk County. We live in
 a time when there is no
 perceptible difference between
 businesses that work but behave
 the same old way and what is
 mediocre. Everyone expects
 quality but we need to hear it in
 new ways. Our goal is to help you
 with the best way to get
 your message out.

 Our success is your success.



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